iPad 180 degrees: Upside-down e-detailing

iPad 180 degrees: Upside-down e-detailing

We see lots of e-detail aids that look good up close, but are completely ineffective when presented in a doctor's office.

We tend to forget that unlike when we browse on our own iPads, a sales rep will often be sitting across the desk from a physician, with the iPad turned "upside-down" (from the rep's point of view).

In addition, since the rep will (preferably) be controlling the navigation, the iPad will be at least half the length of a table away from the physician. With these details in mind, font-size, navigation and visuals must be designed and place so that they are clearly visible half a desk-length away, while being navigated "backwards" by the rep.

The other solution of course is for the rep to sit side-by-side the physician (but try to get your reps to do that!)

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